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Sony magix vegas pro suite (x64)

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:45 Working: 82,19%

OS : Windows x64 | File Size : 3.2 GB

Video editing with VEGAS Pro 15 Suite
When inspiration strikes, you need a tool that gives you the power to follow that inspiration with maximum productivity. VEGAS Pro Suite makes inspired productivity a reality. Start with a world-class NLE, add a powerful disc-authoring application, and balance it out with a collection of high-quality plug-ins to create a suite of amazing products that deliver professional results.
VEGAS Pro 15 once again stands out as an innovative leader when it comes to nonlinear editing.

Daum potplayer 1.6.59491 + portable

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:41 Working: 80,61%

Daum PotPlayer 1.6.59491 + Portable | 18.8/30.2 Mb
Daum PotPlayer is a best freeware multimedia player. Supports almost every available video formats out there. Player contains internal codecs and there is no need to install codecs manually. Other key features include TV devices support, gapless video playback, DXVA, live broadcasting. Daum PotPlayer is a network of Daums players have their own independent copyright, not by the original Mr. Jiang Longxi, KMPlayer by the original author of the independent development of the follow-up. Current KMPlayer by the team responsible for the collective Pandora.

2brightsparks syncbackpro multilingual

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:37 Working: 87,41%

2BrightSparks SyncBackPro Multilingual | File size: 57.4 MB

SyncBackPro is a professional and advanced backup, restore and Synchronization utility with lots of advanced features. With this backup utility you can copy any file whether it is locked or it is open which is normally not possible to copy in these conditions. But this feature work only on window XP or higher version of window. Taking backup with SyncBackPro is a very fast process and it can process an unlimited number of files. It always keep your files of old versions as it support versioning and incremental backup to save the time and reduce the burden on the resources.

Cockos reaper 5.979

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:35 Working: 89,49%

Cockos REAPER 5.979 (x86/x64) | 22.6 Mb

REAPER is a powerful but sensible Windows application that lets you record, arrange, edit, and render multi-track waveform audio. It provides an extensive set of features, but is a very small and lightweight application (the installer is less than 1 megabyte, and includes many effects and a sample project).

REAPER supports ASIO, Kernel Streaming, WaveOut, and DirectSound for playback and recording. It reads WAV, OGG, and MP3 files, and records WAV files. You can arrange any number of items in any number of tracks and use audio processing plug-ins (DirectX and Jesusonic).

Ashampoo movie studio pro multilingual

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:32 Working: 91,11%

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro Multilingual | 405 MB
Easily create high resolution videos with cuts, individual fade-ins and effects! Due to 4K in maximum resolution, Dolby 5.1 and high-speed conversion, Ashampoo MovieStudio Pro 2 is the optimal choice for creating and editing videos. Create videos optimized for iPad, android-based mobiles and many other devices.

Hwinfo32 / hwinfo64 5.51-3145 beta portable

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:28 Working: 81,58%

Hwinfo32 / hwinfo64 5.51-3145 beta portable
HWiNFO32 / HWiNFO64 5.51-3145 Beta Portable | 3.1/3.2 Mb
HWiNFO is an application that can scan your system and find all the information available about your computers hardware. HWiNFO is a professional hardware information and diagnostic tool supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards. It is designed to collect and present the maximum amount of information possible about computers hardware which makes them suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufacturers, system integrators and technical experts as well.

Serif affinity designer final repack by kpojiuk + content

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:27 Working: 85,54%

Serif affinity designer final repack by kpojiuk + content

Language: Multilingual + Russian | File size: 193 / 913.00 MB

Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, most precise vector graphic design software available. Whether youre working on branding, concept art, print projects, icons, UI, UX, or web mock ups, Affinity Designer will revolutionise how you work, on macOS and Windows.

Design tools redefined
All the tools you need in a professional vector design app, from an incredible precise pen tool to a super smooth gradient tool. All carefully considered and meticulously developed, they just work-in precisely the way you want them to.

Avanquest business cards multilingual

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:24 Working: 90,80%

Avanquest business cards multilingual

Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 1.31 GB

Rich in templates and images, Business Cards is the perfect solution for creating and printing custom business cards at a lower cost! Thousands of templates and ready-to-use images. Inserting photos, images and personal texts. Photo editing with effects and filters. Printing and sending by e-mail.

- Thousands of templates and ready-to-use images
- Inserting photos, images and personal texts
- Photo editing with effects and filters
- Printing and sending by e-mail


Arturia synclavier v v1.3.0.1391 macosx

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:24 Working: 88,33%

Arturia Synclavier V v1.3.0.1391 MacOSX | File Size : 383 MB

The Synclavier V faithfully recreates the elite digital synthesizer/workstation that started it all, powering some of the biggest hits and film soundtracks of the early 80s with its unique rich, edgy sounds.

If you were to ask anyone back in the late 70s and early 80s to name the Holy Grail of synthesizers, the most revered of them all was New England Digitals Synclavier.

Comsol multiphysics (x64) multilingual (win/Lnx)

Upload Date: 30-12-2019, 14:18 Working: 81,52%

File size: 4.2 GB
Simulation Tool for Electrical, Mechanical, Fluid Flow, and Chemical Applications. COMSOL Multiphysics® is a general-purpose software platform, based on advanced numerical methods, for modeling and simulating physics-based problems. With COMSOL Multiphysics, you will be able to account for coupled or multiphysics phenomena. With more than 30 add-on products to choose from, you can further expand the simulation platform with dedicated physics interfaces and tools for electrical, mechanical, fluid flow, and chemical applications. Additional interfacing products connect your COMSOL Multiphysics simulations with technical computing, CAD, and ECAD software.