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» » 3df zephyr lite 4.500 (x64) multilanguage

3df zephyr lite 4.500 (x64) multilanguage

3df zephyr lite 4.500 (x64) multilanguage Full Version Setup + Serial Key Free Download

x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 252 MB

3DF Zephyr allows you to reconstruct 3D models from photos automatically. The process is entirely automatic, and no coded targets, manual editing or special equipment are needed. 3DF Zephyr is built on top of our proprietary, cutting-edge, reconstruction technology.

3DF Zephyr comes with a user-friendly interface, and the possibility to export in many common 3D formats or even to generate lossless video without the need for external tools. Furthermore, 3DF Zephyr has a lot of advances functionalities, and you can, for example, edit your models, create true orthophotos, digital elevation models (DTM), manage laser scan data and calculate areas, volumes, angles, contour lines, and much more.

Here in 3Dflow, we worked hard to build up both the core technologies and the user interface. The obtained solution is in all probability the most accurate, completely automatic, best engineered multiview-stereo algorithm available on the market.

Features and amenities 3DF Zephyr:
-User-friendly interface: Application 3DF ZEPHYR having functional design-friendly and simple to use this app provides the user more comfortable.
-Using advanced technology: The software uses the most up to date technology available, to provide services in the best way possible to the user. The user can according to the technology in this application, to carry out the act itself.
-Export advanced capabilities: With this software you can eventually become a version of the model in -several different formats and quality extract and save.
-Process group: With this feature, users can perform multiple activities at the same time in Application 3DF ZEPHYR

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS:Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (64 bit)
Processor:Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
Memory:16GB System RAM
Hard Disk Space:10GB free HDD Space
Video Card:Direct X 9.0c compliant NVIDIA video card with at least 1GB of RAM

Recommended System Requirements:
OS:Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista 64 bit
Processor:Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
Memory:32GB System RAM
Hard Disk:20GB free HDD Space - SSD drive
Video Card:Direct X 9.0c compliant NVIDIA video card with at least 2GB of RAM and CUDA capabilities >= 3.0


-Better detail extraction during the mvs/mesh extraction
-The mesh enhancement filter has been improved to extract more details
-The multiview stereo has been speeded up further
-Better UV packing algorithm during texture generation
-Raised internal resolution (The single image resolution can now be bigger)
-All our core libraries for (3D engine, Math, GUI) have been updated to the latest version with several bug fixes.
-In order to optimize the computation, mesh and dense point cloud will be computed one shot by default. It will be still possible to generate a separate point cloud if needed.
-New General preset category suitable for most cases
-The texturing generation page now have presets as the other pages
-You can bake normals maps (Object and Tangent space) starting from a high poly mesh to any textured mesh.
-All the workspace elements can be now moved up or down and organized in any order
-The alignment tools dialog has been reorganized for better usage
-3Dconnexion mouse support
-Corrected an issue and improved the flat shading rendering shader
-The "Copy all" command in Masquerade now works instantly
-Added an option to extract all the frames from a video sequence
-Up to 10x faster frames from video extraction
-Fixed a bug in the keypoints animator
-Degenerate tetrahedra management has been improved, and it will lead to a better meshing in some cases
-Quad buffer support for stereo 3D display (3DF Zephyr Pro and Aerial Only)
-Control points can be reorganized and moved up or down on the list (3DF Zephyr Pro and 3DF Zephyr Aerial Only)
-The PDF report has been completely overhauled (3DF Zephyr Pro and 3DF Zephyr Aerial Only)
-New hotkeys for switching images during control point selection (3DF Zephyr Pro and 3DF Zephyr Aerial Only)
-You can now load custom Geoid for georeferencing (3DF Zephyr Aerial only)
-The orthophoto generation process has been sped up (3DF Zephyr Aerial only)
-The tiled orthophoto can now be exported as a unique BigTiff file (3DF Zephyr Aerial only)
-Orthophoto tiff files are now exported both with alpha channel and "nodata" value for transparency (improved compatibility with different viewers) (3DF Zephyr Aerial only)
-Added intelligent cropping of the orthophoto borders (3DF Zephyr Aerial only)
-Improved polylines and cad shaders. Its now possible to render them in world space instead of screen space (3DF Zephyr Aerial only)
-New terrain extraction tool with the CSF point Filter (3DF Zephyr Aerial only)
-You can import polylines and points as DXF (3DF Zephyr Aerial only)
-Improved pick polyline with Undo/Redo (3DF Zephyr Aerial only)


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