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» » Embarcadero er/Studio data architect 10.0.2 (x86/X64)

Embarcadero er/Studio data architect 10.0.2 (x86/X64)

Embarcadero er/Studio data architect 10.0.2 (x86/X64)Embarcadero er/Studio data architect 10.0.2 (x86/X64) Crack Incl Free Download

Embarcadero ER/Studio Data Architect 10.0.2 (x86/x64) | 359.54 MB | 366.64 MB
With round trip database support, data architects using ER/Studio Data Architect have the power to easily reverse engineer, compare and merge, and visually document data assets residing in diverse locations from data centers to mobile platforms. Enterprise data can be more effectively leveraged as a corporate asset, while compliance is supported for business standards and mandatory regulations essential factors in an organizational data governance program.

A range of data sources are supported ranging from those residing on the cloud to data sources residing on mobile phones. A variety of database platforms, including traditional RDBMS and big data technologies such as MongoDB and Hadoop Hive, can be imported and integrated into shared models and metadata definitions.
Establish Your Data Architecture
ER/Studio Data Architect provides an easy-to-use visual interface to document, understand, and publish information about existing databases so they can be better harnessed to support business objectives. Powerful reverse engineering capabilities allows a data modeler to compare and consolidate common data structures without creating unnecessary duplication.
The Challenge of Fully Leveraging Enterprise Data
As organizations grow and data proliferates, ad hoc systems for storing, analyzing, and utilizing that data start to appear. You need the ability to import and reverse-engineer content from multiple data sources and integrate the elements into reusable constructs with an enterprise data dictionary. Data Architect now includes the import bridges for common modeling tools, to easily migrate their native formats into ER/Studio.
ER/Studio Data Architect Features Include:
- Map between and within conceptual, logical and physical model objects to view upstream or downstream
- Display mapping between conceptual and logical models and their implementations across physical designs
- Visually document source/target mapping and sourcing rules for data movement across systems
- Forward and reverse engineering for multiple RDBMS and big data platforms
- Enable advanced, bidirectional comparisons and merges of model and database structures
- Create reports in HTML & RTF, and other formats (XML Schema, PNG, JPEG and DTD Output) Dowload Crack + Serial

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