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Geozilla wtrans 1.15

Geozilla wtrans 1.15 Setup + Crack/Serial Key Free Download

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WTrans Projections and Coordinate conversions
(B,L,h) (X,Y,Z) computations (fig. 1)
Ellipsoidal confocal coordinates (X,Y,Z)
Different Map Projections (B, L) (Eastern, Northern) (fig.1)
General types of projections:
Country-specific projection-realizations:
Lambert Belgium 2005
Lambert Estonia
Lambert France 1993
Gauss-Krger Austria
Switzerland conformal double-projections (LV95 and LV03+)
EOV Hungary
Alternatively an automatic detection or a manual selection of reference meridian in case of Gauss-Krger and UTM.
WTrans Ellipsoidal Computations
Computation of meridian length of arc and its inversion.
Computation of direct and inverse geodetic problem.
WTrans Transformation parameter estimation
3D and 2D over-determined transformation problems in Least Squares Estimation and Robust L1 Norm Estimation (fig. 2).
WTrans Transformation parameter database
Administration of sets of transformation parameters and forward transformation with selected parameter sets. (fig. 4).
Available for 3D transformations (nonlinear, linearzed and Molodensky-type)
WTrans Tools
Open ellipsoid data base (fig. 5)
2D Graphical Viewer (fig. 6)
Multilingual Version
In the options page, it can be switched between German and English Version. The manual is also available in both languages.
Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.
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