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» » Golaem crowd for maya 2013-2015 v4.0.4

Golaem crowd for maya 2013-2015 v4.0.4

Golaem crowd for maya 2013-2015 v4.0.4Golaem crowd for maya 2013-2015 v4.0.4 Crack & Serial Key Free Download

Golaem Crowd 4.0.4 for Autodesk Maya 2013-2015 (x64) | 157.9 MB
Integrated in Autodesk Maya, Golaem Crowd makes it easy and affordable to populate worlds with directable digital characters, from a few to thousands. Artists from all over the globe use Golaem Crowd to bring life to commercials, episodic productions, feature films and games.

Create Convincing Shots in a Few Days
- Integrated In Maya. Golaem Crowd offers an intuitive interface, based on Maya workaday objects. It can be used by any artist, trained under 3 days.
- Free Characters & Motions. Reduce asset preparation time and start your production at once. Use our diversity ready characters & comprehensive range of motasions.
- Powerful & Customizable. Built for performances, Golaem Crowd allows artists to find the right creative approach, whatever the number of characters.
Intuitive & Powerful Toolset
- Placement Tools. Take advantage of the various placement modes and automatic obstacles detection.
- Behavior Editor. Design and debug behaviors using an intuitive editor with built-in behaviors and triggers.
- Animation Engine. Let Golaem Crowd make your motions loop, randomize them, adapt feet to the ground...
- Navigation Behaviors. Use built-in path-finding and avoidance behaviors to make your crowds walk around or build on your particles knowledge to drive them.
- Physics Simulation. Add realism to your shots with explosions, attraction/repulsion forces or fall down effects.
- Diversity Control. Create realistic crowds by automatically generating more diversity at all levels: animation, behaviors, props and shading.
- Previz & Rendering. Preview your crowds in real-time within the Maya viewport and render them efficiently with our license free procedural rendering plugins.
- Pipeline & FX Integration. Build your own tools on top of Golaem Crowd, send simulation output through your pipe, provide the fx team with the data they need.
Whats New in version 4.0.4:
- Ask for save when closing a Skeleton Tab in the Character Maker
- Added controls to edit IK Normal Planes in the Character Maker viewport
- Simplify the Skeleton Mapping Checker to easily and automatically check skeleton mapping in the Character Maker
- Improved Auto Compute Skeleton Mapping process for biped skeleton
- Added configuration dialog to fine tune the Auto Compute Skeleton Mapping process
- Added Navigation Perception parameters in the Visual Feedback
Bug fixes
- Fixed Simulation Cache Proxy losing its Character Files list
- Fixed Render Proxy losing its Character Files list when using a Simulation Cache Proxy
- Fixed RenderMan 19 plugin loading with Linux and Renderman Pro Server
- Fixed Navigation Behavior perception algorithm
- Fixed the scale of Entitys personal space radius in the Navigation Behavior
- Fixed a crash in the Cache Proxy when computing assets for Entities in the Kill List
- Fixed a crash when using the External Entity Locator
- Fixed ignored Cloth constraint because the associated rigid was not found
- Fixed Cloth not working correctly when there is a scale in the bones hierarchy
- Fixed multi-Population Tool Locator replace particle system
- Fixed Simulation Tool Rib export (bad syntax)
- Fixed User Scripts loading at Batch Render Time
- Added the name of the edited node in the IK Normal Planes Window
Supported Rendering Engines
- Mtoa 1.1.X & 1.2.X / Arnold Core 4.2.X
- V-Ray For Maya 3.0
- Mental Ray For Maya (any version)
- 3Delight Studio Pro 11.0.XX
- Renderman Studio 19.0
- Katana 1.X (Arnold only)
- Mtoa 1.0.X / Arnold Core 4.1.X
- V-Ray For Maya 2.4
- Renderman Studio 18.0 Dowload Crack + Serial

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