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Soundizers stereomonoizer 1.1

Upload Date: 27-12-2019, 02:01 Working: 88,37%

Soundizers stereomonoizer 1.1Picture Soundizers stereomonoizer 1.1:
Soundizers stereomonoizer 1.1. Screenshot №1
If you have ever spent hours on end preparing audio files for a mix, StereoMonoizer is about to become your new best friend. For the first time ever, you can automatically analyze audio files, determine their stereo content, and convert to the correct format, before you import into your DAW. That way, you can get a lot more out of your mix system. Drastically cut your CPU usage, use fewer voices, take up less space on your hard drive, and have better session organization. StereoMonoizer makes all of this possible, and more.

  • Find mono sounds in stereo files, and convert to mono
  • Innovative waveform display, showing stereo content overlaid on audio waveform.

Bitcoin bar 1.0

Upload Date: 27-12-2019, 01:44 Working: 82,24%

Bitcoin bar 1.0Pic Bitcoin bar 1.0:
Bitcoin bar 1.0. Screenshot №1 Bitcoin bar 1.0. Screenshot №2 Bitcoin bar 1.0. Screenshot №3
This menu bar application will keep you up to date on bitcoin prices in 22 different currencies.

Choose from several different update intervals and add your wallet holdings to keep track of your personal value in any supported currency.

Boris continuum complete 11.0.3 for final cut pro x

Upload Date: 26-12-2019, 23:32 Working: 96,45%

Boris continuum complete 11.0.3 for final cut pro xPicture Boris continuum complete 11.0.3 for final cut pro x:
Boris continuum complete 11.0.3 for final cut pro x. Screenshot №1 Boris continuum complete 11.0.3 for final cut pro x. Screenshot №2 Boris continuum complete 11.0.3 for final cut pro x. Screenshot №3
Continuum is the VFX toolset that helped Ezra Edelman’s O.J.: Made in America win the Academy Award. A plug-in collection for Adobe, Apple, Avid and OFX host applications, Continuum features range from Image Restoration, to Extruded Text, titling and 3D Objects, to Chromakey and Compositing, Particles, and Image Stabilization. Continuum serves NLE editors and Compositors alike with the newly integrated Masking and Planar Tracking Pixel Chooser powered by Academy Award-winning Mocha technology.

App uninstall pro 2.0.4

Upload Date: 26-12-2019, 22:16 Working: 85,72%

App uninstall pro 2.0.4Preview App uninstall pro 2.0.4:
App uninstall pro 2.0.4. Screenshot №1 App uninstall pro 2.0.4. Screenshot №2 App uninstall pro 2.0.4. Screenshot №3
Remove application and its service files for complete uninstallation
Installing one application distributes many files throughout your Mac. App Uninstaller provides a straightforward way to remove apps and their associated files including Applications Caches, Application Log Files, Application Preferences and Crash Report.

Appzapper 2.0.2

Upload Date: 26-12-2019, 22:05 Working: 99,16%

Appzapper 2.0.2Preview Appzapper 2.0.2:
Appzapper 2.0.2. Screenshot №1 Appzapper 2.0.2. Screenshot №2 Appzapper 2.0.2. Screenshot №3
AppZapper allows you to confidently uninstall virtually any application as easily as it was installed -- just drag and drop. Drag one or more unwanted apps onto AppZapper and watch as it finds all the extra files and lets you delete them with a single click. A slick safety system remembers which apps you want to keep safe, and the log tracks all the files youve zapped. Put simply, AppZapper is the uninstaller Apple forgot.

Whats New:

Version 2.0.2:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

Cocktail sierra edition 10.4.3

Upload Date: 26-12-2019, 20:58 Working: 81,90%

Cocktail sierra edition 10.4.3Screenshots Cocktail sierra edition 10.4.3:
Cocktail sierra edition 10.4.3. Screenshot №1 Cocktail sierra edition 10.4.3. Screenshot №2 Cocktail sierra edition 10.4.3. Screenshot №3
Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. It is a powerful digital toolset that helps hundreds of thousands of Mac users around the world get the most out of their computers every day.

The application serves up a perfect mix of maintenance tools and tweaks, all accessible through a clean and easy to use interface. Cocktails features are arranged into five categories that helps you manage various aspects of your computer. It also comes with an automatic Pilot-mode that allows you to simply press a button and relax, knowing that Cocktail will take care of the rest.

Whats New:

Version 10.4.

Graphics 3.0.1

Upload Date: 26-12-2019, 20:45 Working: 93,64%

Graphics 3.0.1Screenshots Graphics 3.0.1:
Graphics 3.0.1. Screenshot №1 Graphics 3.0.1. Screenshot №2 Graphics 3.0.1. Screenshot №3
Graphics is the ultimate set of illustrations suitable for any iWork document that requires color, texture, and authenticity. You will definitely find the right illustration among the 2000 high-quality images.

The Clipart category is a collection of 100 beautiful, detailed images in two different resolutions. Their content ranges from cars and buses to swimming pools and coffee cups. If you need an illustration for a real estate, urban development, or travel industry topic, look no further! Transparent backgrounds allow placing images on top of different patterns.

Paste 2.4.4

Upload Date: 26-12-2019, 20:42 Working: 94,44%

Paste 2.4.4Preview Paste 2.4.4:
Paste 2.4.4. Screenshot №1 Paste 2.4.4. Screenshot №2 Paste 2.4.4. Screenshot №3
Paste is a new way to copy and paste for your Mac. It keeps everything youve ever copied and lets you use your clipboard history anytime you need it. It recognizes and stores text, images, links, files, and any other type of content, and generates informative previews for easy browsing.

Paste works in the background, and tightly integrates into your system and your workflow. An intuitive user interface and improved user experience allows you to focus on your core tasks and not on the application itself.

Adobe dimension cc v2.3.1

Upload Date: 26-12-2019, 20:27 Working: 83,56%

Adobe dimension cc v2.3.1Pic Adobe dimension cc v2.3.1:
Adobe dimension cc v2.3.1. Screenshot №1 Adobe dimension cc v2.3.1. Screenshot №2 Adobe dimension cc v2.3.1. Screenshot №3
Dimension CC as Adobe - a set of tools for 2D–and 3D-design, to easily create high-quality photorealistic 3D-images, perform compositing 2D–and 3D-visualization resources in a realistic environment products. The basic idea of the product - to give developers the tools needed to integrate its 2D–and 3D-assets without the study of complex and specialized applications. In other words, the program allows you to quickly and simply "delicious" and other creative visualization combines the 2D- and 3D-graphics.

Using machine learning, this tool Adobe is able to automatically determine the best lighting and place the light source in the right place. Adobe Dimension CC automatically aligns objects relative to the horizon.

Cursorsense 1.3.2

Upload Date: 26-12-2019, 15:03 Working: 82,51%

Cursorsense 1.3.2Screenshots Cursorsense 1.3.2:
Cursorsense 1.3.2. Screenshot №1
CursorSense is the only application that adjusts the cursor acceleration and sensitivity. By adjusting both values, you can move the cursor just like you move your hand. All mice and trackpads are supported.

  • For Designers: Setting acceleration to 0 will make the cursor movement flat. This is good for drawing, but the cursor will move extremely slow. You will need to increase the sensitivity.
  • For Windows Users: Many users who have a long experience in using Windows cannot get used to the cursor movement on the Mac. One reason might be that Windows uses sensitivity to adjust the cursor movement, and the Mac uses acceleration. Set acceleration to 0.