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Windows 10 rs4 v1803.17134.165 aio (x86/X64) 20in2 multilingual permantly preactivated july 2018

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:51 Working: 86,66%

Languages: English, Greek, German, Dutch, Russian, French, Spanish, Croatian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese | File Size: 3.53/4.5 GB

General Info:
Name Of ISO x86:ml_windows_10_business_edition_version_1803.17134.165_updated_july_2018_x86
Name Of ISO x64:ml_windows_10_business_edition_version_1803.17134.165_updated_july_2018_x64
Size x86:3.53 GB (3,797,714,944 bytes)
Size x64:4.

Geogebra 5.0.382.0-3d stable + portable

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:40 Working: 93,11%

Geogebra 5.0.382.0-3d stable + portable
GeoGebra 5.0.382.0-3D Stable + Portable | 50.2/70.7 Mb
GeoGebra is free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins geometry, algebra, graphing, and calculus. GeoGebra is free, multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. Interactive teaching, learning, and evaluation resources created with GeoGebra can be shared and used by everyone at Within its first year received more than 10 million visitors.

Iperius backup full 6.2.4 multilingual

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:37 Working: 94,12%

Iperius backup full 6.2.4 multilingual

File size: 50 MB

Iperius Backup is the perfect software to get the advantages of the many cloud storage services offered by well-known providers like Google or Microsoft. With a single application you will be able to easily save your files offsite to Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive. This backup task can be configured with a few clicks, and the result of this is the full security of automatic online backups, compressed and protected by an AES 256-bit encryption.

Iperius Backup uses the most advanced Windows drive imaging technology, that allows to copy the whole operating system with a fast and incremental backup (block-level backup).

Ultrasurf 18.04 portable

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:36 Working: 95,63%

Ultrasurf 18.04 portable

UltraSurf 18.04 Portable | 3.4 Mb

Protect Internet privacy with anonymous surfing and browsing - hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies.Completely transparent data transfer and high level encryption of the content allow you to surf the web with high security. UltraSurf allows you to overcome the censorship and blockage on the Internet. You can browse any website freely, so as to obtain true information from the free world.

Abelssoft ssd fresh 2018.7.41 build 117 multilingual portable

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:33 Working: 92,94%

Abelssoft SSD Fresh 2018.7.41 Build 117 Multilingual Portable | 5.9 MB

Because of the way they are built, the life expectancy of solid state drives mainly depends on the written access times. SSD Fresh is a tool that can help you optimize your system for SSD usage so as to enhance its overall performance, while prolonging the lifetime of the solid state drive.

Adjust the system to the SSD
SSD Fresh fits your Windows system to the use of an SSD.
Avoid write access
SSD Fresh reduces the number of read and write operations and thus increases the lifetime of your drive.

Samplephonics soul spectrums wav

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:31 Working: 80,51%

Samplephonics soul spectrums wav
Samplephonics Soul Spectrums WAV-MASCHiNE

Size: 425.46 MB



Release Date: 12/2017
Release Size: 30 x 15 MB
Release Format: WAV
Release Supplier: Team MASCHiNE
Release Cracker: n/a


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2. Make use of your brain

Aeon timeline 2.3.13 macos

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:27 Working: 88,25%

Aeon timeline 2.3.13 macos

Aeon Timeline 2.3.13 | macOS | 55 mb
Most traditional timeline applications are designed to suit a single need: to create an attractive display of one- dimensional time. They are presentational, static, and perfectly suited to overhead slides and projectors. Aeon Timeline aims to be different. Model relationships between people and events.

Divide your events into concurrent arcs. Filter events based on people, places, and tags. Zoom to view the time scale you wish to see. Navigate and edit your timeline with a simple, intuitive interface. And when you are done, export data to a range of external formats.

Red giant magic bullet suite 13.0.11 win x64 macos

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:20 Working: 83,65%

Red giant magic bullet suite 13.0.11 win x64 macos

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.11 Win x64/MacOS

Title: Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.11 Win x64/MacOS

Magic Bullet Suite 13 - Color correction, finishing and film looks for filmmakers. Magic Bullet Suite is a set of seven tools that bring intuitive, real time color correction, and beyond, right to your editorial timeline.

Color Correct
Magic Bullet Suite 13 gives you everything you need to make your footage look great, right on your editing timeline. Balance out your shots with powerful color adjustments that work the way your eye expects them to.

Xvid4psp 7.0.410 (x86/X64) portable

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:18 Working: 98,79%

Xvid4psp 7.0.410 (x86/X64) portable
XviD4PSP 7.0.410 (x86/x64) Portable | 19.8/23.5 Mb
Easy use and high quality program for converting videos for PSP, iPOD and PC. XviD4PSP is a Video converting tool for PSP, iPOD and PC. Program use directshow for file decoding. If you have problems with decoding input files, recomend ffdshow - all-in-one decoder.

Import formats:
Export formats:
PMP AVC, MP4 PSP 2.80, MP4 PSP 480, MP4 iPod, MP4 iPod 640, MP4 PS3, MP4, AVI, AVI DV PAL, AVI DV NTSC, MPG, MPEG-2 PAL, MPEG-2 NTSC, FLV.

Adobe xd cc v18.1.12 multilingual macos

Upload Date: 10-12-2019, 08:17 Working: 89,73%

Adobe XD CC v18.1.12 Multilingual | macOS | 435mb
Adobe XD is made for designers like you, by designers like us. Its the fastest way to design, prototype, and share any user experience, from websites and mobile apps to voice interactions, and more.

Adobe XD reimagines the way designers create experiences with fast, intuitive tools that get you into your designs and get out of your way. Power up prototypes with voice. Automatically resize elements for different screens. Create amazing animations between artboards without timelines. Its everything you need for whats next in UX - and its only in XD.