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Toweb studio edition multilingual macosx

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 04:31 Working: 92,89%

macOS 10.6 or later | Multilingual | File Size: 123.36 MB
TOWeb - The Responsive Website Creation Software. Create yourself your own modern website compatible with all devices. Without programming. Without subscription. TOWeb allows to create a professional looking website without knowing anything about web design.

Easy and intuitive
No technical knowledge is required. Install TOWeb, choose a template, click, edit and publish !
Responsive Web Design
PC, mobile, tablet, TV ... the layout of your website automatically adapts to fit the screen on which it is displayed.

Acute systems transmac 11.2

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 04:29 Working: 88,72%

Acute Systems TransMac 11.2 | 7.8 Mb
TransMac is an intuitive program that can copy files to and from Macintosh disks, enabling you to create and burn CD or a DVD images with ease. Its a powerful software solution that allows you to copy any type of file to and from Mac OS X-formatted disks which cant be accessed from Microsofts operating system.

Thanks to a very clean and easy to navigate interface, TransMac is designed to allow users transfer files to and from HFS (Mac OS Standard) and HFS+/HFSX (Mac OS Extended and case sensitive) disks.

Ublock origin 1.13.6 final

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 04:27 Working: 85,56%

Ublock origin 1.13.6 final
uBlock Origin 1.13.6 Final | 5.1 Mb
uBlock Origin is a open source browser extension for content-filtering, including ad-blocking. The extension is available for several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. uBlock Origin has received praise from technology websites, and is reported to be much less memory-intensive than other extensions with similar functionality. uBlock Origins stated purpose is to give users the means to enforce their own (content-filtering) choices.

Siemens lms samcef field v17.0.01 (x64)

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 04:20 Working: 84,14%

Siemens lms samcef field v17.0.01 (x64)
Siemens LMS Samcef Field v17.0-01 (x64) | 2.39 GB
The LMS Samtech Samcef Solver Suite is based on the finite element method (FEM) and covers a wide range of mechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical applications - from basic to very advanced - primarily in the aerospace, defense and automotive industries.

You can apply the mechanical FEM solver solutions to linear applications such as linear static computations, modal and buckling analyses, linear dynamic simulations, super element generation, random excitations and shock responses. You can also perform nonlinear transient simulations within this family of FEM solvers.

Careueyes portable

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 04:20 Working: 89,76%

CareUEyes Portable | 1.3 Mb

CareUEyes can automatically filter the blue light and make the screen look warmer and comfortable to the eyes, so that your eyes do not feel tired, and this application comes with several presets that adjust both color temperature and brightness such as normal, smart, office, game and night.

Screen dimmer
CareUEyes control the brightness of the computer screen, when you work in a light or darker environment it can help you, It can dim all screens and monitors; LCD, TFT and LED backlit types, screen dimmer will not damage your screen or monitor in any way.

Ashampoo photo optimizer 6.0.16 multilingual

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 04:16 Working: 87,50%

Pic Ashampoo photo optimizer 6.0.16 multilingual:
Ashampoo photo optimizer 6.0.16 multilingual. Screenshot №1
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6.0.16 Multilingual + Portable | 98 MB
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer impresses with its brand new look. The user interface underwent a “facelift”. It is now structured and arranged more clearly, which allows you to start with the optimization of your photos right away. A long search for your desired function or favorite effect is a thing of the past! Those functions and effects can now be accessed instantly, as the program allows you to integrate up to 6 of your favorite functions directly within the user interface to keep them handy anytime.

Raw power 2.0 macos

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 04:15 Working: 85,85%

RAW Power 2.0 macOS | File size: 29 MB

Make your best shots even better with RAW Power™. RAW Power unlocks the power of Apples RAW engine with simple, easy-to-use controls. Use it as an editing extension inside Apple Photos, or as a standalone, non-destructive RAW photo editor.

Fenetre 0.6.3 macos

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 04:15 Working: 94,56%

Fentre 0.6.3 | macOS | 79 mb
Keep a window open, always on top of everything else. The picture in picture mode now available on your mac. Fentre lets you visualize a video, a picture, a flat file or a website.

Amazing features will keep you focused on your main activity without getting in the way.

Features included :

* Amazing See Through mask following your mouse.
* Lets you Click Through the window when needed.
* Interact with your clipboard.
* Get the browser extension (Chrome or Firefox) to open a link or the current url directly while browsing.
* Control the opacity of your window.

Soniccouture the hammersmith professional edition kontakt update

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 04:07 Working: 80,37%

Soniccouture the hammersmith professional edition kontakt update
SonicCouture The Hammersmith Professional Edition KONTAKT UPDATE | 103 Mb
Your ultimate piano? It might be. Pianos are very personal. There is always another greatest: more samples, more articulations, more tricks. But this one is ours, the way we wanted it. We think its smoother to play, cleaner-sounding and a bit more real than any other sampled piano out there. We hope you agree.

When you play a note on a piano, one string rings. When you play a note and press the sustain pedal, all the strings ring. Most piano VSTis only do the first thing, and then fake the second thing. We recorded both. 21 velocity layers per note with sustain pedal up and down.

Sound radix powair v1.1

Upload Date: 19-10-2019, 03:58 Working: 88,44%

Sound Radix POWAIR v1.1 | File Size : 10 MB

POWAIR was designed to be a smarter, more natural sounding compressor. Its a dual-stage loudness leveler / compressor / limiter powered by a novel, proprietary compression engine which provides greater transparency and control than ever before.

The first stage is a K-weighted loudness leveler, perfect for leveling a voice-over or auto-adjusting the level of different pieces of music. In its second compression stage, POWAIR uses an innovative gain detection and reduction engine, capable of fast gain changes with minimal distortion and adaptive response to the source.