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Kc softwares sumo pro + portable

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Kc softwares sumo pro + portable
KC Softwares SUMo Pro + Portable | 1.7/2.6 Mb
SUMo (Software Updates Monitoring) is a free tool that can identify the programs you are using and announces when a new update appears. SUMo, which stands for Software Update Monitor. Thanks to SUMo youll be able to keep your PC up-to-date by using the most recent version of your favorite software! Unlike build-in auto update features, SUMo tells you if updates are available before you need to use your software.

Argente uninstall programs + portable

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Argente uninstall programs + portable
Argente Uninstall Programs + Portable | 5.5/5.4 Mb
As the title of this software application suggests, Argente Uninstall Programs can help you remove installed programs from your computer. It aims to replace the classic Add/Remove Programs function found in Windows. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface, so you shouldnt have any problems in getting around its features, no matter how inexperienced you are.

Once the list of installed programs is updated, you can select one to uninstall it, delete its entry from the list, perform an online search, as well as scan the system for leftover files.

The journal multilingual

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The journal multilingual
The Journal Multilingual | 20.5 Mb
Whatever your journaling or writing needs, The Journal gives you unmatched convenience, flexibility, and security. The Journal is always available when you need it, and lets you make entries with text, images, and just about anything else. Plus, with The Journals password-protection and encryption you can rest assured that your secrets remain secret.
Incredibly Easy to Use!
- Make new entries easily!
- Review past entries with just a click on the calendar!
- Runs on nearly all versions of Windows!
- Learn more about The Journals convenience and ease of use.

Exportizer + portable

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Exportizer + portable
Exportizer + Portable | 2.4/4.7 Mb
Exportizer is a tool for viewing, editing, filtering, copying, and exporting of local database files to DB, DBF, TXT, CSV, ASC and Lotus format as well as SQL insert statements. It supports export to the clipboard or conversion to CSV, TXT, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML or DBF file as well as SQL Insert statement. You can filter and sort the records, and optionally also combine multiple records into a single line when exporting the data. The program can also be used for simple inline editing and adding of new records. Easy to use compact interface.

Sandboxie 4.17.1 beta

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Sandboxie 4.17.1 beta
Sandboxie 4.17.1 Beta | 6.8 Mb
Sandboxie is a proprietary sandbox-based isolation program developed by Ronen Tzur, for 32-bit Windows NT-based operating systems. It creates a sandbox-like isolated operating environment in which applications can be run or installed without permanently modifying the local or mapped drive. An isolated virtual environment allows controlled testing of untrusted programs and web surfing.Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.

My data usage widget pro - monitor mobile cellular 7.2

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My data usage widget pro - monitor mobile cellular 7.2
My Data Usage Widget Pro - Monitor Mobile Cellular v7.2 | 2,6 MB
Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later | Jealbreak
Monitors cellular (3G/Edge/GPRS) and WiFi Real-Time Traffic Widget is coming! It can be placed in Today of Notification Center. It can be custom UI.
- In the Notification Center, So easy to Check out real time up/down/total data from your device.
- Set data quota and billing cycle information and let Data Usage worry about making sure you dont pay for overages again.
- App graphically displays the history of Cellular and Wifi networks using data.
- Widget can monitor the Memory/CPU/Disk Real-Time usage also. it has the switch to turn on or off.

Athentech perfectly clear complete

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Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete (x64) | 88.5 Mb
Standalone & Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
Built for precision. Made for beauty. Above all, you want better photos. But what if you could have better photos faster? Perfectly Clear has mastered the science of intelligent image correction - creating superior quality photos in record time, so you can get back to doing what you really no time.

Spend less time in front of your computer.
With Perfectly Clear, youll get results faster so you can spend more time behind the camera and less time in front of the computer.

Jriver media center 25.0.17 (x64/X86) multilingual

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JRiver Media Center 25.0.17 (x64/x86) Multilingual | 76 Mb
JRiver Media Center - all-in-one media management app turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub for complete control of your digital media: Audio, Video, Images, and Television. It connects PC to stereo, TV, remote control devices, digital cameras, scanners, and portable MP3 players. It plays all media, rips, burns, and organizes all your music, images, and video. MC encodes and plays all popular media formats.

Powerful utilities include Media Server for streaming music and images to remote PCs. Media Center is more than a world class player.

Mobiledit! enterprise

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Mobiledit! enterprise
MOBILedit! Enterprise | 94.17 MB
With MOBILedit you can connect your phone via cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or through our mobile app, which is available for many different platforms. You will then be able to view the entire contents of your phone and synchronize, add, edit or delete anything youd like.With so much important data in your phone it is essential to have a professional tool to maximize what your phone can do for you. The use of a PC keyboard makes all the difference when you’re adding new contacts to your phonebook, managing files or sending text messages.

Nch mixpad masters edition 5.38 beta

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NCH MixPad Masters Edition 5.38 Beta | 2.5 Mb
With MixPad multi-track recording and mixing software, you can access all the power of professional recording and mixing equipment through a single platform that streamlines the process and makes mixing a breeze.

MixPad will minimize the time it takes to mix your next project, while optimizing audio quality.